SFUCHAS Financial Requirements 2020/2021

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St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences, SFUCHAS Financial Requirements 2020/2021.

SFUCHAS Financial Requirements

SFUCHAS General Information

Apart from the Tuition Fee, each student is required to pay for the following:

Registration Fee

All selected candidates will be required to register annually and pay a registration fee of TSH30,000/= only for Tanzanian citizen and USD 40 for non Tanzanian citizen per year. For Postgraduate Programmes, registration fees is TSH 50,000/= for Tanzanian or USD 50 for non Tanzanian students per year.

Caution Money

Each student is required to pay TSH. 50,000/= for Tanzanian citizen or USD 50 for non Tanzanian students as Caution Money. The money shall be refunded upon completion of course if he/she was not involved in any loss or damage of the Institute’s properties. Where losses/damage exceeds TSH 50,000/= or USD 50 the student shall be asked to pay the difference.

Identity Card

Each student is required to pay TSH. 10,000/= for the cost of Identity Card. This amount is paid once. Replacement for a lost Identity Card shall be done after obtaining a loss report from Police Station and payment of TSH. 10,000/= for Tanzanian citizen or USD 20 for non Tanzanian students.

Membership to the SFUCHAS Students’ Organization (SFUCSO)

Every SFUCHAS registered student is a member of the SFUCHAS Students Organization (SFUCSO). The membership registration fee  is TSH. 20,000/= for Tanzanian citizen or USD 20 for non Tanzanian students Membership subscription annually.

Students Relief Fund /Medical contribution

Every SFUCHAS registered student is required to pay a total of TSH. 100,000/= for Tanzanian students or USD 100 for non Tanzanian students as a contribution towards students joining NHIF. Non Tanzanian student under postgraduate programme is required to pay USD 125. This amount is paid directly to the Institute’s Bank Account. Students with NHIF cards are not required to pay the contribution. However the IDs for NHIF is required before registration as evidence of payment of this contribution.

Accommodation in SFUCHAS Hostels

Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 4-6) government sponsored students seeking accommodation in the Institute’s hostels are required to bring with them: plates, cups, spoons, forks, bed sheets, pillows, mosquito nets and blankets. Ever student shall before being granted institute’s accommodation pay in advance the prescribed accommodation fees.

Specific Information on Students Sponsorship

Students pursuing Ordinary Diploma (NTA level 4-6) programmes may join the Institute under Government sponsorship or as privately sponsored candidates. Whereas students pursuing Bachelor Degree are encouraged to apply for scholarship, loan from Higher Education Students Loan Board (HESLB) or third party. The fee structures for Government, Private sponsored students pursuing Ordinary Diploma (NTA level 4-6) programmes, students pursuing Bachelor Degree Programmes and students pursuing Master programme are as shown in fee structures respectively.


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