Nature Conservancy Vacancies 2019 | How to Apply

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Nature Conservancy Vacancies Application 2019 opened | How to apply online.

The Nature Conservancy invites application from eligible and interested applicants to apply online for the various vacancies position below before the recruitment application closing date-deadline 2019.

Nature Conservancy Vacancies/Careers 2019 details like job recruitment positions, requirements, eligibility, application form guidelines, how to apply, educational qualifications/skills needed, location, selection list process, application deadline-closing date, stipend/salary scale, important links, and others job updates are available below on as well as on the official website.

Nature Conservancy Vacancies 2019

The Nature Conservancy Job Vacancies 2019 advertisement has been published for the below positions.


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Details of Nature Conservancy Jobs Vacancies 2019

Job Summary
A CFMI/BMU network is defined as an association of more than one BMU within a geographical area in Tanzania. The association may be at Ward, District, National and Regional level whose main functions are to coordinate BMU activities on sustainable management, conservation and protection  of fisheries and related resources in their locality in collaboration with government for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 5 years
Job Description
1.0 Introduction
The Fisheries Regulations (2009) establishes legal provision for aggregations of Beach¬†Management Units (BMUs) and Collaborative Fisheries Management Institutions (CFMIs) on its¬†greater level to create larger spatial management areas, whereby ‚Äėone BMU may associate with¬†other BMU and harmonize co-management structures to form higher level BMU/CFMA network¬†for the purposes of fisheries joint planning, management and development strategies.¬†A CFMI/BMU network is defined as an association of more than one BMU within a geographical¬†area in Tanzania. The association may be at Ward, District, National and Regional level whose¬†main functions are to coordinate BMU activities on sustainable management, conservation and¬†protection of fisheries and related resources in their locality in collaboration with government forthe benefit of present and future generations.¬†
1.1 Background
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Pathfinder International in Tanzania are jointly¬†implementing an integrated project known as TUUNGANE that addresses collaborative fisheries¬†management as part of Population, Health and Environment (PHE) issues for communities¬†living in 23 coastal villages along Lake Tanganyika in Uvinza ‚Äď Kigoma and Tanganyika ‚ÄstKatavi Regions. One of the project goals is to achieve sustainable fisheries through, among¬†other things, formation and capacity building of Beach Management Units (BMUs) as provided¬†by Tanzania Fisheries Act (2003) and regulations (2009).
TNC through its Tuungane project, is working closely with the Fisheries Development Division in Tanzania Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries to establish and build capacity of the BMUs/CFMIs of which the Ministry previously supported their establishment and later their registration. A key outcome desired from the BMU capacity-building initiative is the ability of BMU members to conduct sustainably, patrols and surveillance, collect reliable Catch Assessment Survey (CAS) data along with established alternative livelihoods activities to improve community lives. 

1.2 Problem statement and need for consultancy

TNC through its Tuungane project has facilitated establishment of twenty-three 23 BMUs 16 in¬†Uvinza and 7 in Tanganyika and Four 4 CFMIs in Uvinza District ‚Äď Kigoma which are actively¬†participating in fisheries co-management. Currently, there are four BMU networks namely Kalya¬†BMU network (in southern villages) and Buhingu, Igalula and Herembe BMU network (in¬†northern villages).

Other village BMUs in Tanganyika District with three wards (Karema and Ikola wards with two villages each, and Isengule with 3 villages (table 1) still operate in isolation (at BMU level) which make them weak to enforce village bylaws to transboundary illegal fishers.

Table 1.¬†List of BMUs in village in Tuungane project area, Tanganyika District ‚Äď Please copy and paste the link to download the document and get more details on this table.

2.0 Objectives
This consultancy aims to establish BMU Networks for collaborative fisheries management Areas (CFMAs) to build their capacity to sustainably protect fisheries resources at minimal costs.
Specifically, this assignment targets to achieve the followings:
i. Raise awareness in 7 villages towards formation of BMU Networks.
ii. Elections for the 3 BMU networks (CFMAs) successfully completed for respective Office Bearers.
iii. 3 newly formed BMU network (CFMAs) office bearers in Karema, Ikola and Isengule Wards well trained on their roles and responsibilities, team building and principles of Fisheries Management.
iv. Trained CFMAs leaders on strategies to generate independent income for sustainable management to fisheries resources within their geographical boundaries.
v. Trained CFMAs leaders on ecosystem-based fisheries management tools applicable Lake Tanganyika fisheries

3.0 Scope of work
Throughout this contract, the consultant will work under the supervision and guidance of Tuungane project to accomplish the following:
i. prepare and submit to Tuungane a proposal with full details of the work assigned including workplan.
ii. prepare and submit to Tuungane the training materials in advance for comments
iii. Collaborate and plan with Tanganyika District and Ministry fisheries officers on key steps and schedule towards establishment of BMU Network, CFMAs and capacity building.
iv. Conduct village meetings in 7 villages to raise awareness towards formation of BMU Networks
v. Supervise and guide BMU network (CFMAs) elections for the respective Office Bearers.
vi. Supervise and guide BMU network to identify CFMA joint names.
vii. Conduct training to all 3 newly formed BMU network (CFMAs) office bearers in Karema, Ikola and Isengule wards on their roles and responsibilities, team building and principles of Fisheries Management.

viii. Support 3 CFMA to prepare jointly
practicable workplans that includes other core partners.
ix. Support CFMA to prepare patrol guideline tool
x. Support all 3 BMU networking to prepare Network management plans and bylaws.
xi. To train all CFMAs leaders on strategies to generate independent income for sustainable
management to fisheries resources within their geographical boundaries.

4.0 Methodology
The consultant is supposed to submit a comprehensive step-by-step procedure for this assignment highlighting key participants per District, village or BMU; details of deliverables with specific timeline (schedule of work), budgeting including one Ministry and District officials
4.1 Timeframe
The desired completion date for the assignment is the end of November 2019. The consultant should submit an anticipated timeline for the accomplishment of the assignment. Anticipated
timelines that extend beyond November 2019 will be reviewed, but not preferred.
4.2 Supervision Responsibility
The consultant will work with two fisheries officers (one from the Ministry and one from Tanganyika District) under supervision of Tuungane Program. 

5.0 Expected Output
It is expected that at the end of this consultancy, the following will be achieved:
i. Three new BMU networks (CFMAs) established and locally named.
ii. CFMAs leaders (officer bearers) from new BMU networks successfully elected to take ward’s responsibilities
iii. CFMAs Office bearers from new BMU networks successfully trained for immediate take off in supervising BMU works in the wards
iv. Harmonized CFMA bylaws from individual BMU bylaws at the ward
v. Harmonized CFMAs management plans
vi. Leaders from three BMU networks (CFMAs) successfully trained on roles and responsibilities.
vii. At least 1 comprehensive business plan (fisheries related) identified from each CFMA
viii. 3 jointly practicable workplans prepared that includes other core partners (eg District, ward , Village)
ix. Patrol guideline tool prepared to each CFMA. 

6.0 Payment
Payment schedule will most likely be structured as the following:
20% of consultancy fee and 100% of DSAs and community/meetings and training costs upon signing the contract, and 80% upon completion and submission of the assignment.

7.0 Skills and Qualifications
A potential consultant should have demonstrated knowledge and experience in the following areas:
i. At least 5 years of professional experience in fisheries co-management with extensive knowledge in relation to BMU/CFMI leadership, operations and networking; Experience with specific existing
BMU network or CFMAs in the country is an advantage.
ii. Demonstrated experience illustrating a practical step-by-step procedure towards BMU networking and CFMAs establishment with key participants and schedules.
iii. Experience in developing fisheries management plans. Experience is participating in harmonizing BMU network management plans is highly advantageous;
iv. Experience in working with fisheries government institutions from the Ministry, Districts to community. 

How to Apply

Please manually apply for this job using the details below: All Proposals should be submitted to¬†[email protected]¬†with a copy to¬†[email protected]¬†including the the following minimum information: consultant‚Äôs¬†background and introduction, scope of work, step-by-step methodology, detail of deliverables¬†with timeline, budgeting, and examples of previous work.

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