MS TCDC Gender Responsive Public Services Advocacy 2020

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MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation, MS TCDC Gender Responsive Public Services Advocacy 2020.

MS TCDC Gender Responsive Public Services Advocacy


Course date:
25th May 2020
Course Code:
Human Rights, Citizen Participation and Access to Public Services
Course duration:
1 week
Course Objectives:

What The Course Offers

This one week course is crafted for government and NGO professionals and working toward advancing women’s rights and gender equality related to access to public services. The course is premised on the fundamental human rights principle that public services should be accessed to all, and be designed to meet the needs and priorities of people based on their gender, age, disability, ethnicity, and social context.

Course Content:

What You Will Learn – The Key Topics

  • Fundamentals of Gender Responsive Public Services
  • Public Financing as a Prerequisite for Gender Responsive Public Services
  • The 4S of Gender Responsive Public Services (Size of Budget overall, the Share of budgets to key services, Sensitivity of allocations and Scrutiny of spending)
  • Public delivery as a prerequisite for effective gender-responsive public services
  • Why Privatisation and commercialization of public services works against GRPS
  • Inclusive planning, decision and delivery processes for GRPS outcomes
  • Quality and human rights indicators for gender-responsive public services
  • Tools for monitoring and auditing gender-responsive public services

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will be introduced to contemporary arguments and findings such as when public services are not gender-responsive, the burden of women’s unpaid care is increased, inequality is exacerbated and poor and excluded women face a major barrier to enjoying their rights.
  • You will examine policy options for improving public services vital to progress on the fulfillment of girls’ and women’s rights, and the potential that gender-responsive public services have for countering social and economic inequalities and creating more equal societies.
  • Through practical tools and exercises, you will gain the ability to explain the different dimensions essential for assessing and advocating for the provision of gender-responsive public services.
Target Group:

Crafted for government and NGO professionals and working toward advancing women’s rights and gender equality.

Fee for the Course/Workshop:
Tuition Fee $ 350
Full board in a single room(meals & Accommodation) $471 per week
Full board in a shared room(meals & Accommodation) US$339 per week
Hostel Quad plus Meals per week US$118 per week


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