Institute of Social Work Invitation to Short Course Programme

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Institute of Social Work Invitation To A Short Course On Compliance With Workplace Standards, Effective Negotiation Skills And Online Safety Technology.

Institute of Social Work Invitation to Short Course Programme

Institute of Social Work Invitation to Short Course Programme

The modern globalised economy characterized by the application of modern technology, stiff competition for profit maximization on the part of management and better working conditions for the employees, requires effective management of diversity through compliance with employment standards and management of workplace relations towards the realization of the needs of the parties involved and market demands.

The proposed training programme is intended to impart requisite knowledge and skills to the key players in Labour Relations, particularly the Human Resource officers, Labour officers, Administrative officers, employers and employees and their accredited representatives (Trade Unions) and others interested in the topics,

The following themes will be covered:

Workplace Standards

  • Sources
  • Coverage
  • Implementation

Modern Negotiation Skills and Techniques

  • Negotiation as a Science and an Art
  • Workplace disputes Prevention and Resolution
  • Modern Negotiation Principles
  • Deal-making skills and Techniques in the Negotiation Process
  • Administration of Workers Councils

Online Safety Control Technology

  • Introduction to Cyber Crimes
  • Internet and Cyber Threat control
  • Backup and Safety issues
  • Privacy / Security Concern
  • Tips for Online Safety (Email, File, Web, E-Money, E-Business)


  • Improved labour management relations and productivity
  • Increased Capacity in Negotiation and Online Safety

DATE AND VENUE: 25th November to 29th 2019: Institute of Social Work – Dar es Salaam.

TRAINING FEE: Tshs. 500,000 per participant (Tanzanian citizen) or USD 300 (for non-Tanzanian Citizen).

Payments should be in cheque or cash directly to

Institute of Social Work CRDB Bank account Number O1J1013365500,

Control number 994980009144.

Early confirmation and registration is highly encouraged.

Please, submit a copy of pay-in slip (or a scanned copy) to the contact person:

Ms. SARA MBASHA- Institute of Social Work,

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: + 255719117592 or

Mr. ABDALA ALI – Institute of Social Work,

Email: [email protected],

Mobile +255652195958 /+2557773179860.

  • Participants will be offered breakfast, lunch and Training materials

Follow the link below to download the Institute of Social Work Invitation to Short Course Programme in Portable Document Format (.PDF). (Note: You will, however, need a device that is capable of opening PDF files to download/access the printable/offline version of Institute of Social Work Invitation to Short Course Programme to your Computer or Mobile Phone).

Click here to download.

Department of Labour Studies
Institute of Social Work

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