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Ardhi University ARIS login portal | How to log in, sign in/up, retrieve, change or reset your profile/account dashboard password on the Ardhi University, ARU aris login portal online –

Ardhi University ARIS login

The Ardhi University (ARU) Online student’s Registration System, ARIS login portal is created for newly admitted (freshers) and returning students of the University to create an account or log in to perform certain academic actions at ease e.g. Course Registration, Fees Payment, View Admission List/Status, Tenders, Checking of Semester Result, Acceptance Fees Payment Procedures, Transcript, View Academic Calendar, Almanac, Extra Credit Hours, Deferment of Admission ETC.

This is an online system which will be handling the whole registration process for both Continuing and Fresh students.
Please read the following Instructions CarefullyĀ before starting to register.

If you are a new selected student, Please read Instructions underĀ New Selected (Fresh) Students.
If you are a continuing student, read Instructions underĀ Continuing Students

New Selected (Fresh) Students

These are the students that have been selected by TCU and confirmed by the University to persue different degree programmes. The following are the steps for a New Selected (Fresh) Student to Register.

  1. In this System on your left, click on theĀ Selected StudentsĀ link. You will will see a list of new selected students.
  2. In the list of students that appears, you can search yourself by email address, firstname, middlename, surname, sex or programme. You can search by one column or a combinations of columns. The search key e.g firstname or surname can be whole word or just part of it. Eg. If you firstname is Jackson you can enterĀ JackĀ orĀ Jackson. After entering your search keys you will have to press the Enter button. Searching by a combination of several columns will help you get fewer results or just the record you need. TheĀ Email AddressĀ column is very efficient to use as it is unique and will give you only one record. This is the email address that you used to apply through TCU Central Admission System (CAS).
  3. After you have seen your name, Click on theĀ Create AccountĀ Link
  4. Fill in the Account Creation form by providing the correct O-Level Index number that you used to apply through CAS (TCU Central Admission System).Ā Note:Ā This Index number must be concanated by completion year e.g S0123/1020/2012. If you provide wrong index number you won’t be able to proceed. Also, provide other information like Email Address and choose the password to use in the account that will be provided. Then ClickĀ RegisterĀ button.
  5. If you correctly filled the form, you will get a message thatĀ You have successfully created an account. You will then have to login using the email address you entered during registration as username, and the entered password.
  6. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see several menus on your left:Home,Ā Registration Form,Ā Admission LetterĀ andĀ Medical Examination.
  7. Fill all details in an online Registration Form by clicking theĀ Registration FormĀ link. Make sure you provide all the required Information.
  8. Download your admission letter by clicking the linkĀ Admission Letter, and note theĀ Ref. No. This number will be used to make all needed payments to the Bank
  9. Download Medical Examination FORM C by clickingĀ Medical ExaminationĀ link
  10. Go to the bank and make all required payments as listed in your admission letter
  11. Got to the Hospital and perform Medical Checkup. Medical Examination FORM C should then be filled and signed by a medical Officer
  12. Go to the Bursar’s office and submit Bank Pay Slips for Verification
  13. Go to your Head of Department and Submit all required Certificates for Verification
  14. Got to the Director of Undergraduate Programmes (DUP) and submit all required Certificates for Verification
  15. Finally, Login to theĀ Registration System. You should be able to see all the registration Requirements Verified the to Register, click the link labelledĀ Click here to Register. After that you will have Completed the Registration Process

Continuing Students

  1. Login to theĀ Registration SystemĀ using the same ARIS credentials (i.e your Registration Number as Username and Password)
  2. Go to theĀ Course RegistrationĀ link and make sure you select Optional and Elective courses you want to study in this academic year, to meet the required total Units.Ā FailureĀ to do that you will be considered as you don’t have the required units
  3. Go to theĀ Registration FormĀ Link and update your particulars
  4. Go to the Bank and make all required payments
  5. Submit Bank Pay Slip to the office of Bursar for Verification
  6. Finally, Login to theĀ Registration SystemĀ by using the same ARIS credentials. You should be able to see all the registration Requirements Verified. To Register, click the link labelledĀ Click here to Register. After that you will have Completed the Registration Process

Official ARU Students Login Portal.

The management of the Ardhi University (ARU) has enabled its Undergraduate, Diploma, Postgraduate, Certificate, Masters, and P.h.D. programs students and staff login portal online.

The Ardhi University, ARU courses outline | handbook | prospectus | students brochure/ebook contains exhaustive information like ARU Courses Offered, Faculties & Departmental Dues, Students Guide Book, Constitutional Law, Rules and Regulation, Programmes Duration, Application Dates, Registration Dates, Curriculum, Drop/Spill Over Course Guide, Transcript, Term Dates that will help you in your journey as a student is published here on has obtained from the official website.

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How To Change/Reset ARU ARIS Login Password.

Have you forgotten your password to log in to the ARU aris profile and/or school portal? Donā€™t worry, kindly follow these steps to retrieve or change your password:

  1. To start, go to theĀ Portal LoginĀ screen
  2. Next, click on theĀ Forgot/Change Password link, fill and enter the required details
  3. Click on submit button

Official ARU ARIS Login Portal.

The Ardhi University (ARU) aris login portal can be accessed via the link below. Please Login by providing your Username and Password

STUDENTS:Ā To Login, please use your ARIS credentials, registration number e.g BTCSWB/T.2015/999 as your username and Password you normally use to login into ARIS. After login, you will be able to see your registration status. If not registered, CLICK the ‘Register’ button. You should be able to register if you have met all registration requirements e.g school fees. Other wise you must make sure you meet all the requirements before trying to register.

STAFF:Ā Use your ARIS credentials to login.

For further details about the Ardhi University (ARU) aris login portal, Students may visit their department for any challenge experienced on their profile or during any of the above procedures.

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ARU Contact & Address.

  • Ardhi University
  • (255-22) – 2771272,
    (255-22) – 2775004,
    (255-22) – 2772291/2
  • [email protected]

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